Soda Versus Coffee Caffeine

Many people think coffee caffeine or sports drinks are healthier and better when compared to soda, and they make a habit of chugging it down without any consideration. In fact, both pack high calories and offer very less nutritional value, making it a choice between two evils. Athletes and sportsperson take sodas and caffeine to replenish their supplies of sodium and glycogen, but other than that it offers very less benefits.

How are the drinks used?

I really do not need to discuss why people drink sodas. It has been a part of the popular culture, and we pick a can without much consideration. Caffeine and energy drinks, on the other hand, are considered to be a better option mostly by the teens, and many of them choose it over milk, according to US News. (1)

But there is an interesting aspect of people who consume energy drinks – they are considered to be physically more active, as revealed by research by University of Texas School of Public Health (1).

What is the nutritional value of the drinks?

Coffee caffeine can be considered to have some nutritional value as it replenishes the carbohydrate and sodium content for athletes and people who work out. Generally, a serving of coffee caffeine or any other caffeine based drink like Gaatorade, for that matter, has 95 mg of sodium and 15 gm of carb, out of which is 12.8 gm constitutes the added sugar (3). According to CBS Local, there is no benefit of drinking an energy drink unless you work out extensively as it is not a healthy drink (4).

Health effects of Soda and Caffeine

As already stated earlier, sodas have been found to promote weight gain and lead to obesity. A can of soda can include 40 gm of sugar which is a high count considering the recommended daily intake is around 37 gm (5). It only makes sense if you exclude any sugar intake the whole day and just drink one can of Coca-Cola.

Else, it will only lead to health problems.

The marketing gimmicks and advertising around many coffee caffeines have created a belief that it is safe. Coffee caffeine has traditionally been popular among most, and continues to be one of the most used drinks, helping office goers and others take care of their needs and helping them pull through the day.

Yet a serving of energy drink contains your daily recommended dosage of sugar, amounting to around 36 gm. That doesn’t sound healthy at all! On top of that, they have not been found to improve physical performance on any level.

Which one should you take?

So it is better to stick with water for your daily liquid requirement. Sodas and coffee caffeine do not benefit you in any significant way, and you are much better with just occasional cans of soda or energy drinks.

More, studies indicate an increased risk of strokes as well if you take too much of soda.

Millions of people switch over to diet soda from regular ones believing the claims of companies who claim it to be a healthy alternative. But in reality, a chemical called aspartame used as an artificial sweetener in the sodas have been linked to an increased threat of cardiovascular diseases, according to the University of Iowa.

Harmful Effects of Diet Soda

A study called Known as the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study headed by Dr. Ankur Vyas found that participants who consumed two or more cans of diet soda each day were at 30% more risk of having heart attacks or other ailments than who stayed away from sodas. They were also 50% more inclined to die from a cardiovascular disease.

They were also 50% more inclined to die from a cardiovascular disease.

The findings of the study were in alignment to previous researches which established the relationship between metabolic syndrome and diet beverages. The study has a far-reaching impact as 1 out of 5 Americans drink diet sodas on a daily basis.

We wouldn’t really advise you to take either soda or coffee caffeine over a longer period of time. Sure, you can take it occasionally to get the results you need but that’s it. You shouldn’t really resort to depend on either of them – the stakes are too bad and you only stand to lose.

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