Coffee From Around the World

Coffee is a drink that is consumed by people all around the world. This beverage is a popular way to start off a day and is a nice way to end a meal. Coffee is not consumed in the same manner in every country. There are many different variations of this popular drink. These are some types coffee that is from around the world.

 Turkish Coffee

Coffee from Turkey is not for the faint of heart. This coffee is bold and has a full flavor. The coffee is served with the fine coffee grinds in it. This coffee is very strong and is consumed extra dark. Instead of brewing the coffee in a coffee pot the coffee is brought to a boil. This allows the coffee to contain more polyphenols which is good for the heart. A little bit of milk or cream can be added to the coffee to lighten it up just a little.

Egg Coffee from Vietnam

This coffee drink is more like a meal then a cup of coffee. Coffee is a popular dessert in this country so there are some extra ingredients that are added to the coffee. While the coffee is still hot and egg yolk, condensed milk, and sugar is added to it. Many foreigners have stated that this coffee has a similar taste to Tiramisu. It is rich and filling. The mixture of the egg yolk and the milk will also add some extra protein to the coffee.

 Kaffeost, Coffee from Finland

The people of Finland do something unusual with their coffee. They add a shot of cheese to the coffee. A piece of cheese called juustoleipa is put into a cup and hot coffee is poured over it. The cheese and the coffee are allowed to steep before being consumed. When a person has finished their coffee they can eat the cheese. Instead of using milk for the dairy product to mix with the coffee the cheese is used.

 Café de Epices from Morocco

This coffee will give a person a kick in the morning. There are spiced that are used in this coffee. Coffee is made with nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds. This coffee is also used as an antidepressant in this country and will get a person starting their day off the right way.

 Café Lagrima from Argentina

This coffee is for those that like just a splash of coffee with other sweeter ingredients. To make this coffee milk is steam until it forms a foam. When the foam is formed a splash of coffee is added to it. This is similar to a cappuccino only without the bitter aftertaste.

Café del Olla from Mexico

This coffee has a rich history and is still brewed in a traditional manner. The coffee is made in a pot made from clay. To this pot cinnamon and a raw form of cane sugar called piloncillo are added. This coffee is for those that like it sweet and there is a lot of sugar in one cup.

 Café Bombon from Spain

This coffee is served in a very small cup. One cup of this coffee is only 14 grams. Even those the serving is small a person will still get the caffeine. This coffee is made with half espresso and half sweetened condensed milk. This milk will give the coffee a sweet taste. This little shot of coffee can also be served with condensed coconut milk for additional flavor.

Flat White from Australia and New Zealand

This coffee is made with espresso and milk. This coffee is like a latte in a condensed for. This is great for people that are looking to reduce the amount of dairy in their diet but still want to have a cup of coffee.

Yuan Yang from Hong Kong

This coffee is made when brewed coffee is mixed with a milky black tea. It has more caffeine but it also has an increased amount of antioxidants. This coffee combined the Far East’s love for tea with a cup of coffee.

These are some of the different types of coffee from around the world. While the way that people drink coffee may vary from country to country there is one thing that remains the same. People all over the world like to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.