8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a La Marzocco

A cup of coffee is a favorite morning beverage for many people, and most of us cannot get our day started without it. Coffee shops are abundant, but there is still something special in brewing the first coffee cup at home in your favorite mug with your machine. However, it might be tricky to pick the right one with different types of coffee makers available. La Marzocco is one of the famous leaders in espresso machine innovations. So why should you consider buying a La Marzocco? Here is an exclusive look at 8 reasons why you should buy a La Marzocco.

  1. Own a durable, hand-crafted masterpiece

All La Marzocco espresso machines are high-quality, hand-made, and quality machines, including the GS3 and the Linea Mini. La Marzocco was established in 1927 in Scarperia, Italy, and has been a reputable practitioner of the Italian espresso machine tradition ever since. Their home espresso machines have maintained the durable all-metal design, industrial-grade parts, premium finishes, and reliable coffee production. Like a vintage car or a fine watch, a La Marzocco investment will serve you for decades diligently. You can buy La Marzocco in Saudi Arabia or any other place around the world.

  1. You will get a quick morning fix.

With your own La Marzocco, you will get immediate access to delicious coffee every morning. You won’t have to wait in line or take time to change out the pajamas to go and buy a premium-quality coffee beverage. Making espresso at home with your La Marzocco enables you to fit coffee into your own personal ritual.

  1. Gives you full control

La Marzocco home espresso machines are professional-grade coffee makers specially designed to offer you full control over the coffee-making process. From café-grade milk steaming to precise PID temperature control, it gives you the power to make your beverage exactly how you want. You will be able to play with your coffee the same way baristas in your favorite coffee café do. Whether you want a cappuccino or a bit more liveliness in your shot, you can adjust them how you want. A La Marzocco has no problem keeping up with your coffee needs.

  1. An unlimited world of coffee to explore

Coffee is constantly evolving and changing, whether by seasonality, roast profile, or geography. There is always something different, new, and exciting to taste. However, purchasing a cup of coffee at your favorite café means that you will get stuck with the manufacturer’s limited selection of coffee. Buying a La Marzocco in Saudi Arabia for your home opens up an entire world of coffee craft to explore. You will get to explore coffees from any roaster and choose your favorites yourself. You will also be free to experiment with how different adjustments, such as the amount of coffee, grind size, and time alters the taste of your coffee. With your La Marzocco, there is no substitute for taking exploration into your own hands.

  1. More sustainable and cost-efficient

Most people think that plastic espresso coffee pods are very affordable and convenient. However, the reality is that you are paying way above their worth considering the minuscule amount of ground coffee they contain. Alternatively, by owning your own La Marzocco machine, you can purchase fresh, delicious, whole-bean coffee from the best roasters for about half the pod manufacturers’ price. Also, the single-serve coffee capsules are not made of recyclable materials, hence ending up in landfills, which is a severe pollution hazard. Making your espresso with La Marzocco using whole bean coffee prevents the accumulation of such garbage and instead creates a system that adds fertile compost to your garden.

  1. Be the ultimate host/ partner/neighbor

Here is another reason for you to consider buying a La Marzocco. Baristas are not that cute; it’s the act of giving you a delicious cup of coffee that makes them seem more amazing and beautiful. With your La Marzocco, you can try it yourself by surprising your partner in bed with a flat white coffee, offering a cappuccino to your neighbor, or reviving a fading dinner party with a tray of espresso coffee. You might not have your coffee as quality as that of a barista, but you will be more awesome and cute when you make a fresh coffee drink for someone, even as an amateur.

  1. Café quality espresso

If you are upgrading from a cheap espresso machine, then you know the quality of the coffee you make at home, and what you get at your favorite coffee shop is very different. So if you aim to get the same quality coffee at home as you get at the coffee shop, buying a La Marzocco will do this for you. The La Marzocco machine is also a perfect option if you are an enthusiast of brewing Espresso. You will have a reasonable control level with excellent features such as a PID temperature controller, dual boiler system, and an automatic pre-infusion stage.

  1. You will increase your coffee knowledge.

Although a La Marzocco gives you the potential to produce high-quality coffee, you need to have some brewing knowledge to get it right. However, this is a continuous learning process in which you will gain more knowledge to make more cups of coffee. With your home La Marzocco, you will be free to explore the different adjustments and how they affect your coffee taste. With no time, you will be a barista of your own kind.

You don’t want to spend on a state of art coffee maker only to break down in one or two years. Based on the model and make of a coffee maker, the machine should last between six and ten years if cleaned regularly and nor dropped or damaged somehow. La Marzocco is one of the best espresso machines in innovative features, durability, and quality coffee drink. We hope that you now understand why you should consider buying a La Marzocco coffee maker.

The origin of coffee beans

For the past a thousand and plus years, among the popular beverages worldwide is coffee. It is also loved in the Arabian countries including Saudi Arabia by the name of ماكينة اسبريسو. Coffee bean which is the originator of the beverage is both a political controversy and also economic growth source from when it was first discovered. Coffee has got involved in various fields including romantic adventures, religious debates as well as international intrigue. Although coffee producing tree grows everywhere in the world, from Africa to Indonesia, the production conditions are stringent. The coffee bean is usually the seed that a coffee tree produces. The average height a coffee tree has is 20 feet.

Coffee discovery

Coffee was discovered first in Ethiopia by a herdsman who noted his goats flock eating red berries in a bush in the 850 A.D. the goats after its consumption developed much energy that even the herdsman noticed. He tried the berries himself but then it gave him a stimulating effect. The trees found in the wild where about 45feet tall with most of the seeds producing pairs of seeds. However, a variety called pea berry produces only individual seeds. The tree’s fruit is similar to cranberry with its inside enclosed with sugary pulp.

The trees were noted to have deep green wide leaves producing flowers in resemblance of Jasmine. The coffee bean was called Kaldi which the founder herdsman got berries a handful then took it to monks in a local monastery after which he explained how he came to the discovery of the beans. The monks at first called it devil’s work. Afterward, they came to learn that the red berry skin contained a bean which once roasted makes a beverage that is stimulating which then opened their eyes to get the benefits of the discovery.

Within time the bean turned to an economy changing commodity that improved the wealth of nations that grew the coffee. A certain physician in the 1000 A.D. started promoting the bean medicinal properties. Coffee has now become an energy drink known to keep people remain awake hence doing much work.

Export of coffee to Europe

Coffee beans’ popularity grew making it a commodity mostly sought in the Asian and Europe Continents. In Europe, coffee houses sprang up making a commercial enterprise. Former Turkey thought of coffee as aphrodisiac such that it could lead to a divorce if by any chance a wife was not provided with it by the husband on a daily basis.

Despite its popularity worldwide, coffee also received controversy. The evil feel of the coffee also was experienced to the extent of the bean being banned by a Governor in Mecca. This resulted in chaos all over the affected region which led to political debates as well as revolt breaking rumors.

A public outcry led to political influence that sought to push the Governor to lift the ban. This governor declined to lift the ban which led to his execution. Up to the 1600’s only Arabia and North America grew coffee. Since the growing regions wanted to maintain the coffee’s price of production, they did not export any fertile beans. They instead used to remove the coffee husks by boiling the beans such that germination could not occur in any other place. This instead led to coffee smuggling which got the smugglers enough of fertile seeds with time allowing them to grow it in other places.

Export of coffee to western countries.

John Smith who was among Jamestown Colony founders introduced the beverage that is stimulating to the western world. It was after an intervention of sparing his life by Princess Pocahontas that he introduced the bean to her. It is after this introduction that merchants began trading all over the world the beans with coffee houses all over hence the beverage’s popularity.

Production of coffee in the modern world.

Coffee production has moved from Asia and Northern Africa to various regions including Turkey, Columbia, Spain, Brazil, Cuba and many more countries all over the world. Around the equator is a piece of land ranging from around 25 degrees south and north that produces a large number of the coffee’s variety. Coffee growing requires a right temperature of about 65F with thriving coffee having an ideal rainfall in a month six inches. Coffee production requires hot to warm weather environment for it to thrive. After its growing, other companies are involved in the trade. Merchants of coffee have become common everywhere.

Green coffee beans vs roasted, What is the Difference?

Green coffee beans vs roasted coffee beans, what is the difference? Now that coffee is staple in many homes all over America and many places abroad today, the type of coffee that people drink can make a significant difference in the experience that have when they consume it on a regular basis. Particularly, because when an individual is comparing the differences between each and what value they may add to the body as a whole. Therefore, when people are comparing green coffee and roasted coffee beans, there is a lot of valuable information online, and you may be surprised to know what you will find.

With that being said, let’s start with a brief overview of each and what they entail.

Roasted Coffee Beans

First of all, it is very important that people know that there are different types of roasted coffee beans that people can expect to find when they are doing their research. Two of the most common types can be found in grocery stores all over the U.S., and some people may enjoy the benefits of both types. Each have their own special benefits and advantages so people will know the distinctions between both when they do their research on the front end. The name of the two most popular roasted coffee bean types are Arabica and Robusta. Typically, Arabica coffee beans is currently known for being the first type that was discovered for consumption, while Robusta is mainly known for being a derivative of the Common Palm Civet. Of the two types of roasted coffee beans, the best type that is favored worldwide is considered to be Arabica coffee beans, even though the most expensive type is the Robusta Coffee beans.

It is also important to note that when people drink fresh roasted coffee beans that there are some proposed benefits. Based on various studies from the industry and the medical community at large, roasted coffee beans are highly recommended for promoting a healthy body by preventing and reducing stress. In addition to reducing stress in the body, these types of coffee beans have also been linked to the prevention of cancer, boosting short term memory and for protecting the body from liver cancer. So, there is a wide range of benefits that people can expect when they are consuming coffee that is made from roasted coffee beans.

Green Coffee Beans

When an individual does their research on green coffee beans, they may find factors that they are not familiar with. Because green coffee beans may sound like the coffee that people consume as a beverage on a regular basis in their home, people tend to think that they can drink it just like other types of coffee beans. Particularly, since green coffee beans are also known as having a variety of great benefits that people can take advantage of when they are trying to protect their health. Though this may be partially true, the form that individual consumes this type of coffee bean in is vastly different, especially if the person wants to get the maximum benefits. The form that the industry recommends is green coffee bean extracts, which means it can be found as a supplements on the market today.

In recent years, the green coffee beans have become more prevalent as a dietary aid in losing weight. One of the main reasons for this change is, it is now currently being used as an appetite suppressant for those who want to lose weight. This coffee bean is also known for being linked to other health benefits too including being associated with anti-aging effects, as a vital protection of the heart, while also working against various kinds of neurological diseases that many people suffer from today.

Unlike other coffee beans, however, green coffee beans are made from crushed beans so that they can be taken in a pill form. So, the fresh taste and aroma that people normally look forward to cannot be expected if they want the actual nutritional benefits. Instead, manufacturers are producing the green coffee bean as a nutritional extract as well as an anti-oxidant that can easily be consumed by people when they want to promote a healthy body in any manner.

Fresh coffee beans vs powdered ready made coffee

Some people enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning before they arrive at their jobs as well as later during the end of the day. In any case, some people have a special preference that they look forward to, and they would rather fight than switch from the type of coffee that they really like. While some people may go for the fresh coffee beans that they can buy directly from their local store, others may be satisfied with powdered ready made coffer from a glass jar. The choice is up to the individual and their taste for their favorite brand. Whatever the case or situation, there are a few things that you should be aware, as it relates to fresh coffee beans vs powdered ready made coffee.

Powdered Ready Made Coffee

Some people grew up on the powdered ready made coffee, especially if they had people in the home that were not serious coffee drinkers. A cup of coffee that had a good aroma may have been all the family as a whole wanted. Fortunately, if people were hooked on the powdered ready made coffee, they could take advantage of at a least a couple of benefits. The powdered ready made coffee was considered to be instant coffee so it did not take nor more than a few seconds to a minute to make it from scratch. Therefore, all the person had to do was choose their favorite coffee cup, spoon out a little of the powdered ready made coffee and place in a cup of hot water. This kind of coffee is great for convenience and it is normally much cheaper in price too. So, people all over the U.S. and drinking it in their homes today. As a general rule, powdered ready made coffee is normally very mild and has little effect on how it makes one feel. Meaning people who drink it may not be great fans of the strong robust taste.

Fresh Coffee beans

Fresh coffee beans is normally preferred by those people that will not only enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, these are the people who have a special preference and it must be satisfied. No powdered ready-made coffee for this group since they can only drink that this authentic and fresh coffee from their local grocery store or a nearby specialty coffee house itself. In either situation, the free coffee beans are not made strictly for convenience, particularly because people do have to go a few extra steps to turn coffee beans into a fresh rich cup of coffee with its strong aroma. In fact, with the coffee beans, it is simply unparalleled to any other taste since it is as fresh as it gets when being compared to a powdered version. Also, coffee beans are quite versatile because some people may like it in a French press or as a cup of expresso so they can have in different ways if they so desire. As a general rule, fresh coffee beans is significantly stronger in taste, it has quite a bit of effect due to the caffeine level it contains so people may even feel a little jittery when they drink too much. Simply put, this group is a big fan of the very strong robust flavor and taste that it gives the coffee drinker.

It is also important to note that some coffee drinkers like specific types of coffee beans that they like and enjoy mostly, especially because the flavor can differ from one county to another. For instance, some people may prefer Arabica beans that were grown in various places in both South America and Africa. This is because some people say that it has a much stronger flavor and a sharper taste.

With so many different forms of coffee being made available around the world today, people can pick and choose which ones that they like and prefer best. This is why some people may favor the powdered ready made less expensive brands that’s more convenient to buy as well as make, while there is another group of regular coffee drinkers that simply live for the fresh coffee beans type that gives them robust flavor and the aroma to match.

Soda Versus Coffee Caffeine

Many people think coffee caffeine or sports drinks are healthier and better when compared to soda, and they make a habit of chugging it down without any consideration. In fact, both pack high calories and offer very less nutritional value, making it a choice between two evils. Athletes and sportsperson take sodas and caffeine to replenish their supplies of sodium and glycogen, but other than that it offers very less benefits.

How are the drinks used?

I really do not need to discuss why people drink sodas. It has been a part of the popular culture, and we pick a can without much consideration. Caffeine and energy drinks, on the other hand, are considered to be a better option mostly by the teens, and many of them choose it over milk, according to US News. (1)

But there is an interesting aspect of people who consume energy drinks – they are considered to be physically more active, as revealed by research by University of Texas School of Public Health (1).

What is the nutritional value of the drinks?

Coffee caffeine can be considered to have some nutritional value as it replenishes the carbohydrate and sodium content for athletes and people who work out. Generally, a serving of coffee caffeine or any other caffeine based drink like Gaatorade, for that matter, has 95 mg of sodium and 15 gm of carb, out of which is 12.8 gm constitutes the added sugar (3). According to CBS Local, there is no benefit of drinking an energy drink unless you work out extensively as it is not a healthy drink (4).

Health effects of Soda and Caffeine

As already stated earlier, sodas have been found to promote weight gain and lead to obesity. A can of soda can include 40 gm of sugar which is a high count considering the recommended daily intake is around 37 gm (5). It only makes sense if you exclude any sugar intake the whole day and just drink one can of Coca-Cola.

Else, it will only lead to health problems.

The marketing gimmicks and advertising around many coffee caffeines have created a belief that it is safe. Coffee caffeine has traditionally been popular among most, and continues to be one of the most used drinks, helping office goers and others take care of their needs and helping them pull through the day.

Yet a serving of energy drink contains your daily recommended dosage of sugar, amounting to around 36 gm. That doesn’t sound healthy at all! On top of that, they have not been found to improve physical performance on any level.

Which one should you take?

So it is better to stick with water for your daily liquid requirement. Sodas and coffee caffeine do not benefit you in any significant way, and you are much better with just occasional cans of soda or energy drinks.

More, studies indicate an increased risk of strokes as well if you take too much of soda.

Millions of people switch over to diet soda from regular ones believing the claims of companies who claim it to be a healthy alternative. But in reality, a chemical called aspartame used as an artificial sweetener in the sodas have been linked to an increased threat of cardiovascular diseases, according to the University of Iowa.

Harmful Effects of Diet Soda

A study called Known as the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study headed by Dr. Ankur Vyas found that participants who consumed two or more cans of diet soda each day were at 30% more risk of having heart attacks or other ailments than who stayed away from sodas. They were also 50% more inclined to die from a cardiovascular disease.

They were also 50% more inclined to die from a cardiovascular disease.

The findings of the study were in alignment to previous researches which established the relationship between metabolic syndrome and diet beverages. The study has a far-reaching impact as 1 out of 5 Americans drink diet sodas on a daily basis.

We wouldn’t really advise you to take either soda or coffee caffeine over a longer period of time. Sure, you can take it occasionally to get the results you need but that’s it. You shouldn’t really resort to depend on either of them – the stakes are too bad and you only stand to lose.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee gets a lot of bad publicity because of its addictive nature and the bad stigma of caffeine. However research shows that coffee is actually beneficial to our bodies delivering nutrients and antioxidants. More than just a wake-up or ‘keep me alert’ drink, coffee can contribute significantly to your overall health.

Energy: People experience increased energy levels with coffee because of the caffeine. What most people do not know is that once caffeine is in the brain, it causes an increase of certain neurotransmitters that produce elevated moods, better memory and reaction times as well as general cognitive function.

Burn Fat: Caffeine is included in diet pills for a reason. It helps to stimulate fat burning and boosts metabolic rate. Daily cups of coffee can help your diet without the need for fads and pills.

Type II Diabetes: This world wired problem is characterized by an inability to secrete insulin. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers have reduced risks of developing this disease.

Dementia: Alzheimers is the most common degenerative disease to date and affects a great many people. While there is no cure, research indicates that regular coffee drinkers have a significantly reduced chance of developing any form of dementia.

Parkinson ’s disease: The caffeine in coffee helps to promote increased dopamine levels. Since Parkinson’s is caused by the death of dopamine transmitters, caffeine seems to have an effect and lowers risk of the disease’s development.

Physical Performance: Caffeine gives our nervous systems a boost and increases epinephrine. Commonly known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, caffeine causes similar signals, gearing our bodies for physical exertion. Add to this the accelerated breakdown of fat for energy, performance increases intensely.

Essential Nutrients: Coffee contains riboflavin, vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin. Although in small amount compared to the recommended daily allowances, a few cups a day (like most people drink) delivers a good portion of these essential nutrients.

Antioxidants: Coffee is the largest supplier of antioxidants in the Western diet. Studies show that people get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables combined.

Liver Function: One of the most vital organs, the liver cleanses and detoxifies the body among other functions. The liver is also prone to many diseases such as cirrhosis which greatly impairs its function. With regards specifically to cirrhosis, coffee drinkers have an 80% lower risk of developing this disease when drinking at least 4 cups a day).

Depression: Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the country affecting over 4.1% of the population. Studies have shown that drinking 4 cups of coffee daily have a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed and 53% are less likely to commit suicide.

Cancer: Characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells, cancer is a leading killer across the world. Coffee seems to have protective qualities regarding colorectal cancer and liver cancer. Drinking coffee regularly has been linked to a 40% lower risk of liver cancer and a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Heart Disease: One of the major complaints against coffee is its effect on blood pressure. While it does raise levels slightly, this effect can disappear over time. Studies have not yet proven that coffee is linked to heart disease or strokes and some have even shown reduced risks. It may be worth consulting a doctor if you have high blood pressure, but otherwise coffee is not as bad as word would have it.

Longevity: As discussed, coffee helps to lower risks of some very serious diseases, so it makes sense that it promotes longevity. Observational studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of death among men and 26% among women.

Overall, coffee promotes life and provides a number of benefits to the mind and body.

Coffee From Around the World

Coffee is a drink that is consumed by people all around the world. This beverage is a popular way to start off a day and is a nice way to end a meal. Coffee is not consumed in the same manner in every country. There are many different variations of this popular drink. These are some types coffee that is from around the world.

 Turkish Coffee

Coffee from Turkey is not for the faint of heart. This coffee is bold and has a full flavor. The coffee is served with the fine coffee grinds in it. This coffee is very strong and is consumed extra dark. Instead of brewing the coffee in a coffee pot the coffee is brought to a boil. This allows the coffee to contain more polyphenols which is good for the heart. A little bit of milk or cream can be added to the coffee to lighten it up just a little.

Egg Coffee from Vietnam

This coffee drink is more like a meal then a cup of coffee. Coffee is a popular dessert in this country so there are some extra ingredients that are added to the coffee. While the coffee is still hot and egg yolk, condensed milk, and sugar is added to it. Many foreigners have stated that this coffee has a similar taste to Tiramisu. It is rich and filling. The mixture of the egg yolk and the milk will also add some extra protein to the coffee.

 Kaffeost, Coffee from Finland

The people of Finland do something unusual with their coffee. They add a shot of cheese to the coffee. A piece of cheese called juustoleipa is put into a cup and hot coffee is poured over it. The cheese and the coffee are allowed to steep before being consumed. When a person has finished their coffee they can eat the cheese. Instead of using milk for the dairy product to mix with the coffee the cheese is used.

 Café de Epices from Morocco

This coffee will give a person a kick in the morning. There are spiced that are used in this coffee. Coffee is made with nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds. This coffee is also used as an antidepressant in this country and will get a person starting their day off the right way.

 Café Lagrima from Argentina

This coffee is for those that like just a splash of coffee with other sweeter ingredients. To make this coffee milk is steam until it forms a foam. When the foam is formed a splash of coffee is added to it. This is similar to a cappuccino only without the bitter aftertaste.

Café del Olla from Mexico

This coffee has a rich history and is still brewed in a traditional manner. The coffee is made in a pot made from clay. To this pot cinnamon and a raw form of cane sugar called piloncillo are added. This coffee is for those that like it sweet and there is a lot of sugar in one cup.

 Café Bombon from Spain

This coffee is served in a very small cup. One cup of this coffee is only 14 grams. Even those the serving is small a person will still get the caffeine. This coffee is made with half espresso and half sweetened condensed milk. This milk will give the coffee a sweet taste. This little shot of coffee can also be served with condensed coconut milk for additional flavor.

Flat White from Australia and New Zealand

This coffee is made with espresso and milk. This coffee is like a latte in a condensed for. This is great for people that are looking to reduce the amount of dairy in their diet but still want to have a cup of coffee.

Yuan Yang from Hong Kong

This coffee is made when brewed coffee is mixed with a milky black tea. It has more caffeine but it also has an increased amount of antioxidants. This coffee combined the Far East’s love for tea with a cup of coffee.

These are some of the different types of coffee from around the world. While the way that people drink coffee may vary from country to country there is one thing that remains the same. People all over the world like to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Why coffee is better than Tea

Over the years, a majority of the people have been wondering which of the two drinks is best for them, coffee, or tea. However, with numerous studies published by highly reputable organizations, accompanied by testimonials from users, it is for sure true that coffee drink is more beneficial to the human body than tea. When comparing the side effects associated with tea and those associated with coffee, you end up concluding that choosing to use coffee over tea is by far a better decision.

Regular Drinking of coffee can prevent premature deaths.

According to a recent carried out by Harvard, coffee consumption of 3-5 cups on a daily basis reduces the chance of someone suffering a premature death caused by a particular category of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and the Parkinson’s disease. This discovery has been linked to the coffee’s antioxidant properties.

Coffee plays a role in Averting dementia, the Alzheimer’s disease

According to another study that was made public in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, coffee drinkers experienced delayed advancement to Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly that experienced Mild Cognitive Impairment. This rare occurrence among Alzheimer’s disease candidates was necessitated by the presence of large quantities of caffeine in the drinker’s blood. Considering the quantity of caffeine in a unit of coffee and tea, then coffee rather than tea can be said to play a better role in averting this disease. It’s important to note that, on a rough estimate, the amount of caffeine in three cups of tea is equivalent to what’s contained in a single cup of coffee.

Coffee helps in easing effects associated with asthma

Due to a higher concentration of caffeine in coffee than in tea, it, therefore, gives higher stimulation than tea. As a result of this stimulation, people suffering from asthma may benefit due to the relaxation of the airways of the lungs.

Coffee offers better heart protection

According to an Oxford Journal, both drinks do offer some moderate protection to one’s heart, however, coffee is particularly singled out as providing better heart protection than tea. (http://bit.ly/1YsBciR)

Drinking about two cups of coffee every day has the ability to reduce a woman’s likelihood to suffer a stroke by about 25 percent. This is according to a publication in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Tea does more teeth staining than coffee

A number of dentists argue that regular coffee or tea drinking are partly to blame for rising cases of teeth staining. However, when evaluating which of the two drinks give rise to a more undesirable effect, tea takes a better credit.

Coffee can help someone be alert for longer periods than tea

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is at times responsible for a lack of sleep among drinkers. When comparing the caffeine content in a unit (say a cup) of coffee, and equal unit of tea, its quantity in coffee is slightly higher than in tea. This aspect, therefore, makes coffee a better option than tea for people that require being alert, especially at night.

Coffee offers antidepressant capabilities

A number of people have given testimonies on how coffee has helped them become more relaxed and free of depression. These testimonials have also been backed up by scientific studies carried out by Harvard School of Public Health’s researchers. The study sought to compare the levels of exposure to depression between two different sets of people; the coffee drinkers, and the rest (including tea drinkers).

According to this study, a woman’s daily intake of a minimum of four cups of coffee reduced their pre disposure to depression, by about 20 percent.

Coffee supplements the body with important nutrients

Unlike tea, coffee is a well-known source of important nutrients to the body; drinking it can help the body acquire niacin, potassium, and magnesium.

Coffee has been said by many to help loosen stool

Though there are few scientific studies that support this assertion, a majority of people experiencing clogged colon have sought relief in coffee. A number of experts argue that this condition results from the high concentration of the chlorogenic acid which facilitates the production of two other elements (cholecystokinin and gastrin) which promote a smooth bowel movement.